User:Giggy/Rollback proposal

The rollback feature is a technical tool, part of the MediaWiki software, that can be given to users on the Simple English Wikipedia to help fight vandalism. A complete list of users with the tool ("rollbackers") can be found at Special:Listusers/rollbacker. Rollback is part of the +sysop bit that a user gains when they become an administrator.

Rollback should only be used for cases of vandalism, or changes that are otherwise not productive at all. It should not be used for good faith changes, or in content disputes (eg. if an editor makes a change you don't agree with, but that is backed up by reliable sources)—content disputes should be resolved by discussing on the article's talk page. But it is permitted to rollback your own edits.

When rollback is used, the change summary can not be easily changed, so users should always use the "undo" function if they wish to add a different change summary to the default.

Any administrator can give rollback by visiting Special:UserRights and following the prompts. It can also be requested at the administrators' noticeboard. If a user has used rollback incorrectly, a discussion can be started at the noticeboard, and if there is a consensus to do so, it can be removed the same way it is given.