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Hiàn is busy at school and as such may not be around. He will pop in from time to time.


Hello, I'm Hiàn and welcome to my page. I edit here on the Simple English Wikipedia, but I also do work around other WMF wikis like the English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, and Wikivoyage.

Normally I do anti-vandalism work as well as some content creation, and served as an administrator here from 2020 to 2021. I also use two other accounts, Hiàn (alt) and Hiàn (mobile).

If you don't see me around, don't be worried. Real-life factors limit my activity here and I may not be around as much as I used to be.

Contact meEdit

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me using any of the below.

Articles I've created hereEdit

Here's a selection of some of the articles I've written.


  The Original Barnstar
Hello, nice to meet you, This is for your valuable efforts for contributing to Wikipedia. --Eyatu Ben (talk) 08:15, 21 April 2020 (UTC)