User:IanP/Help desk

This is my help desk. I summarize some of the more important policies and how-tos. I am not perfect, I've got my hands full sometimes so I can't always update this. This is version 1-1.


These are easy to remember. Mainly, No vandalizing, Neutral point of view, and help this Wikipedia. All you have to do is read these pages- Wikipedia:Vandalism for Vandalism, WP:NPOV for Neutral Point of View, and you can come here for help.


Vandalism is so bad because it lowers the helpfulness of Wikipedia. There are some things you can do to stop it. Simply look in the history of a page, and if there's any vandalism there, then all you have to do is revert it. To do that you must move back the scroll and find the previous helpful item. Click it, then click "Revert to this change". Type a reason, then go to that user's talk page and warn them.


A stub is a short page. They're easy to fix. Just make sure you lengthen it, and then make sure it is a good page, not like crazy.


This means you have to create links. Just put two brackets on each side of a word and it's wikified.

Wikifying also means changing <b>text</b> to '''text'''. However, you can only do this by hitting the "edit" button, as the code will appear the same.


To add references, just add <ref> and </ref> around text. Also remember to create a section called

== References ==

with the content