I am IanP, just call me Loudclaw, my Warrior cats name.

My Badges and Userboxes change

This user is a member of Wikiproject Anti-Vandalism!
WARThis user is a member of WikiProject Warriors!

My Sub pages change

User:IanP/WikiProject Warriors
User:IanP/Help desk

Stats change

Users Created-One
Changes reverted-Three
Vandals Warned-Three
Times Blocked-One
Active time-Usually active at about 20 UTC to about 2 UTC
Semi Active Time-Usually around 3-4 UTC
User status-Autoconfirmed

Places I Usually Edit change

I edit in two to three IPs, but never anon. I'll edit at school, I'll edit at home, and I'll edit sometimes in another house. This is not to evade blocks if it's an IP block. This is because I like to edit when I can. In other places, I don't edit at all.

My userspace policies change

  1. I prefer to make my own sub pages.
  2. I prefer to edit my own userspace, but you can edit my talk pages! Exception: Articles moved into my userspace. If that's the case, then just make sure you follow the regular rules for writing and editing an article.
  3. Please do not mess with my userpages please! It only goes for non-articles.
  4. You can edit articles in my userspace.