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Welcome to WikiProject Warriors

I am making a Simple version of WikiProject Warriors. All contributors who are active put your name under here in "Active". All contributors who want to contribute but not now put your name under "Inactive".

Put it down like this: # ~~~ – Comment .

And please leave the changing this page to me, please.


Once you've created a page, copy and paste it into where it belongs. Like, a short article goes into "Stubs" and a page with no wikilinks goes into "Wikify". Or a combination of them.

You may only edit the Participants section. That includes my sub sub pages.

Also, only I get to spread the news. They know I love Warriors and it IS MY WikiProject.

The articles named "List of ------ characters" or "List of characters outside the Clans" require special care. You must find RELIABLE resources for those six articles.



  1. Loudclaw (talk) - I am in WikiProject Warriors on the English Wikipedia and am going to be perhaps a major contributor in it on here.
  2. SEPTActaMTA8235 (talk)–probably just some occasional organization and wikifying.


  1. Chemicalinterest (talk) - I copyedit occasionally
  2. User:Silverspirit- I love the Warriors series' and will help to make and edit pages about it.
  3. User:Demiurge1000 (talk) - I am just here for the free cat food, or popcorn if there's no cat food. I will never know anything about plot summaries but I can do some occasional copy-editing.
  4. Brambleclawx I will try to do some stuff here, but only if I have time. I am "semi-active". Brambleclawx 04:35, 26 November 2010 (UTC)
  5. access denied Occasional copy editing. Deined Sseccaa 05:24, 26 November 2010 (UTC)

--Leopardfoot (talk) 16:38, 1 June 2013 (UTC) I love Warriors like Silverspirit and can help with a few mangas.


You can show that you belong to this project by adding this code to your page: {{User:IanP/userbox}}


Here is a list of tasks you can do to improve the Simple Wikipedia's stock of decent articles and facts. First concentrate on creating pages, though. There's too many missing.


  1. Dawn (Warriors)
  2. Twilight (Warriors)
  3. Sunset (Warriors)
  4. The Sight (Warriors)
  5. Dark River (Warriors)
  6. Outcast (Warriors)
  7. Eclipse (Warriors)
  8. Long Shadows (Warriors)
  9. Sunrise (Warriors)
  10. The Fourth Apprentice (Warriors)
  11. Night Whispers (Warriors)
  12. SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors)
  13. Bluestar's Prophecy (Warriors)
  14. Secrets of the Clans (Warriors)
  15. Cats of the Clans (Warriors)
  16. Code of the Clans (Warriors)
  17. Battles of the Clans (Warriors)
  18. The Lost Warrior (Warriors)
  19. Warrior's Refuge (Warriors)
  20. Warrior's Return (Warriors)
  21. Into The Woods (Warriors)
  22. Escape from the Forest (Warriors)
  23. Return to the Clans (Warriors)
  24. The Rise of Scourge (Warriors)
  25. List of WindClan characters
  26. List of RiverClan characters
  27. List of ShadowClan characters
  28. List of SkyClan characters
  29. List of Cats outside of the Clans
  30. List of ThunderClan characters
  31. Victoria Holmes


  1. A Dangerous Path (Warriors)
  2. Midnight (Warriors)
  3. Kate Cary
  4. Cherith Baldry
  5. Tui Sutherland


  1. A Dangerous Path (Warriors)
  2. Midnight (Warriors)
  3. Fading Echoes (Warriors)
  4. Moonrise (Warriors)
  5. Starlight (Warriors)
  6. Firestar's Quest (Warriors)


  1. A Dangerous Path (Warriors)
  2. Midnight (Warriors)
  3. Fading Echoes (Warriors)
  4. Moonrise (Warriors)
  5. Starlight (Warriors)
  6. Firestar's Quest (Warriors)


None at this time

Copy editEdit

  1. Warriors (book series)


  1. Fading Echoes (Warriors)
  2. Moonrise (Warriors)
  3. Starlight (Warriors)