Self Portrait circa 1530

Paul Gazman (born December 4 1485-died December 25 1576) was an Italian artist, composer, poet, scientist, inventor, lawyer, astronomer, physicist, mathematician, philosopher, musician, harpsichordist, clavichordist, and statesman. He was born in Rome, Italy. He was the kingdom for Italian speaking people all over the world. He could speak 45 languages in his life. He first went to school on September 1492. Bach then, there was no Pre School and Kindergarten. He first enjoys his music when it was his fourth birthday on December 4, 1489. His college was called Bologna College, built in 1088. It was the very first college. It was invented in 1088.


He was born in Rome, Italy. His father's name was Claudio Giovanni de Gazman. He was born in 1432 and died in 1525. His mother was named Mary da Schubert. She was born in 1455. She died in 1549. He was a proudest man ever when he was just a young boy at age 5 in his home. Then, his family move to Naples, Italy in 1495. There, his father was forced to more work. Then, in 1505, around Franco Flemish School, young 19 year old Paul Gazman decided to find a music school. Lucky enough, he had a music teacher named Josquin des Prez. After learning 10 years, Paul Gazman became a composer and Music teacher. He became very famous about any of the writings in talent school. He was a king of Holy States in England. He ruled there from 1516 until 1576 (his death). He was a very famous botanist, flower eater, carpenter, tree chopper, atomist, house feet saw feet molasser, and drummer. He had carved the tales near Rushed Face Memorial around England near Alice City. Look at the map to see where he lives. He was not a Spanish Professional Composer, he was a very famous man. He worked for Micro-Fly in 1516 and ended work in 1563. His sons' name were Claudio Gazman (1521-1606), Beremo de Gazman (1522-1613), Nermul de Gazman (1526-1620), Giovanni Gazman (1530-1626), Claudeface Gazman (1533-1630), Duke Baroque Gazman I (1535-1578), Giovanni Vincenzo Sebrebien Gazman (1542-1633), Dimuse de Gazman (1552-1644), Delink de Gazman (1564-1656), and Councy de Gazman (1578-1670). Claudio Gazman's wife was named Maria Loucageo (1526-1618). They have 2 children, Petro de Gazman (1545-1638) and Battista Gazman (1546-1639). Petro de Gazman married Lucia de County (1548-1643) and have 1 child: William Giovanni de Gazman (1572-1664) and Battista married Lucie da Vincenzzo (1550-1642) and have 5 children: Viscest Gazman (1574-1668), Visnok da Gazman (1578-1674), Physk da Gazman (1582-1676), Dun la Gazman (1593-1688), and Wu Thai Gazman (1600-1693).

Illness and DeathEdit

He'd died because he caught a hot fever about 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Christmas Day that makes him died at age 91. While 1 hour after he died, a chopper buried him at Green Hope Saint Cemetery. People were sad and shocked about Paul Gazman's illness highest fever in history.


Here are the wives of Paul Gazman: Alice Drummer (born 1490-died 1525) (married only mate 5 years after marriage), Mary Swett (born 1502-died 1595) (takes care of husband more than Alice because she meet marriage after only 5 years)

More InfoEdit

He was after being consoled by an English writer, Poste de Quant. He was Paul's 30 greats grandfather. He was born in year 854. He died in year 1001. Guest what his age was when he died? If you guest 146 or 147, you're right! Want one more? You might want a million ideas. Who was Paul Gazman's desciedor? The desciedor of Paul Gazman was Reclectoriter de la Heschierlexjhkt. He was a Bohemian writer best known for his "Otzi the Iceman" because he was part of the Ice Age. Heschierlexjhkt (born 1487-died 1667) was even a long alive man alive till 180 years old. He was a Baroque fisherman when he was 113 years old in his old age.