Wikipedia-logo.pngFor more information about me, please see my en.Wikipedia User Page. I am an administrator on
en.Wikipedia & en.Wiktionary, if you need assistance at either project, let me know. Thanks!

Simple WikipediaEdit

  • I assist with vandal fighting. I have temporarily received admin powers twice on Simple English in order to deal with vandalism. Here are My Logs if there is ever any question about my activities.

Contact InformationEdit

  • If I am online, you may leave a comment on my talk page. Please be sure to sign your comments with ~~~~.
  • If am not online, you may still leave a comment on my userpage, but it may be some time before I answer.
    • If the notice is concerning vandalism, it may be in your best interest to click the "Intervention" button and leave a notice there.

Sister ProjectsEdit

I am Psy guy on several other Wikimedia Projects:

Dictionary and thesaurus
Free textbooks and manuals
Collection of quotations
The free library
Directory of species
Free content news source
Shared media repository
Wikimedia project coordination