Hi, I'm relatively[yeah right] useless. You can find me on IRC (#wikipedia-simple) as Jersey.


[21:17] <Jersey> I wonder if I'm anyone's favorite editor
[21:18] <Jersey> I'm obviously Gordonrox24's fav editor[source?]
[21:18] <Jersey> Because I can give him guidance in hockey education[source?]
[21:18] <Gordonrox24> oh of course.
[21:19] <Jersey> You're my fav editor too, brah.
[21:22] <Gordonrox24> great
[21:22] <Jersey> You feel fulfilled now?
[21:22] <Gordonrox24> yep
[21:22] <Gordonrox24> This is a moment I've been working towards forever
[21:23] <Jersey> Gordonrox24: You can now die happy, aye?
[21:24] <Gordonrox24> of course[source?]