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The Rocky Mountains
Welcome to WikiProject U.S. geography! This WikiProject creates and improves articles on the geography of the United States. This WikiProject exists to improve the quality of existing articles related to the geography of the United States.

Everyone is welcome to help in this project. If you want to join the WikiProject, just add your name to the members list.


The scope of WikiProject U.S. geography includes:

  • Bringing every U.S. article as close to Featured Article, Featured List, Good Article and Very Good Article status as possible.
  • Creating new articles on the geography of the United States
  • Making sure all U.S. geography articles are properly referenced.
  • Keeping the WikiProject U.S. community active, growing, and well-supported.
  • Discussing the content of articles related to U.S. geography on Wikipedia and what direction WikiProject U.S geography should take.


Add your username to the list using #{{User|YOUR USERNAME HERE}}

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Here are some tasks we can do. They are: