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I am an ESL teacher interested in using Wikipedia to enhance my students' digital literacy skills. I have taught ESL/EFL/ELD since 2004. I have edited Wikipedia since 2015. I am interested in geography, biography, and culture.

My last class project is called EASELL with my English Language Development students.

I have a sandbox to work on an article I am improving. /sandbox2 User:swim123blue/sandbox3

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How to link to my page and projectEdit

Copy and paste this text into your user page:

I am a student in [[User:Swim123blue]]'s class. I am participating in the [[Wikipedia:Schools/Projects/easell|EASELL project]].

It will display this message:

I am a student in User:Swim123blue's class. I am participating in the EASELL project.

and include links that will help you navigate to my userpage and our class project page.

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Soon my students are going to start editing actual pages. Here is some inspiration to be bold and edit!

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