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As of 11:11, 21 December 2013 (UTC), the English language Wikipedia has 4,125 featured articles. Some of these articles exist on Simple English Wikipedia, but a bigger number do not. Because the featured articles are so important on the English Wikipedia with a new one being put on the front page every day, the Simple English Wikipedia should have some form of each featured article in order to help certain users understand the featured article.

In Featured February, Simple English Wikipedia volunteer editors will attempt to create as many of the English Wikipedia's featured articles here on Simple English Wikipedia. The articles do not need to be as developed as the article on English Wikipedia, but we believe that at least a stub should exist for each of these articles.

How it worksEdit

Featured February is an extension of the Big Weekend project. Anyone can be part of the project. If you are interested, you can put your name in the "participants" section below (but you can still work on the project without putting your name here!). The goal is to create as many articles as we can. You can help by looking at the list of featured articles at wherever I put the page and seeing what redlinked articles interest you. Then, create them here!

Some resources that might helpEdit