Hello, I'm vector, or if you prefeare "dario" in english (derio), vector is the translation of my surname, I'm an italian user of wikipedia, I decided to work in because I think that I will study also english in a good favorite interests are History, Geography, and what is called "lavoro sporco" in in a few word is the same as dirty work, like patrolling, fighting the vandalism, wikifying etc.... Despite the fact in this wiki there aren't too much articles, so at the beginning I will alternate patrolling and writing new articles, the most articles that I will write are about Italy,Veneto and some Italian politicians.

On October 28 2006 I recived the status of sysop in It.wikipedia, and on november 10 2006 the status of sysop in on May 2 2007 bureaucrat :) and on January 17 2007 on Meta.