Please make title "Sonia", vacant


I have translated from current title "Sonia", could be moved to "Sonia (singer)", without redirect.

Copy of my simplified article: {{Wiktionary|Sonia}} '''Sonia''', '''Sonja''' or '''Sonya''', can be: == People == * [[Sonia (name)]], a given name for women {{solename}} :* [[Sonia (actress)]], Indian film actress in Malayalam and Tamil films :* [[Sonia (singer)]], British pop singer [[Sonia]] Evans :* Sonia, pen name of [[Ottavia Vitagliano]] (1894–1975), an Italian writer :* Sonia, code-name of [[Ursula Kuczynski]], also known as Beurton, a spy for the USSR :*[[Queen Sonja of Norway]] (born 1937) :*[[Sonia Ben Ammar]], French fashion model, actress and singer known as SONIA * [[Sonia people]], an ethnic group on the [[Great Papuan Plateau]] of [[Papua New Guinea]] == Other == * Sonia, a code name for the [[Mitsubishi Ki-51]], bomber airplane * [[SONIA]], Sterling OverNight Index Average, a financial market rate * [[Sonia (album)|''Sonia'' (album)]], a 1991 album by [[Sonia Evans]] * [[Sonia (film)|''Sonia'' (film)]], a 1921 British silent film * [[Sonja (film)|''Sonja'' (film)]], a 1943 Swedish directed by [[Hampe Faustman]] * [[Sonia (genus)|''Sonia'' (genus)]], a genus of [[moth]]s * [[M/V Sonia|M/V ''Sonia'']], a passenger [[ferry]] {{disambiguation|hndis}} .--Thank you. 2001:2020:341:C4EB:75FE:6DC4:C132:3B81 (talk) 22:18, 11 September 2023 (UTC)Reply

, it seems.--Sorry for my IP being switched while I started this post. 2001:2020:341:C4EB:75FE:6DC4:C132:3B81 (talk) 22:26, 11 September 2023 (UTC)Reply