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  • It is unfortunate that you have picked a difficult case to start with.

I think the intro, taken from En wiki, is not satisfactory. If you read En wiki Geranium (disambiguation) and follow the link to Pelargonium, you will see that gardeners call them both geraniums, and that the En wiki page is accurate for professional botanists, but not for the general reader. Look at the talk page of En Geranium to see other users have seen these problems.

Geraniums are not called cranesbills or storkbills anywhere I know, and certainly not "commonly known as". "Hardy geranium" is also not used generally outside the US.

In the history of academic botany, three modern species were originally one species called Geranium. Now they are split up by botanists, but still all called "geraniums" by gardeners. I suppose gardiners outnumber professional botanists by at least 100 to one, so they are probably a large percentage of people who might look up the term on a web encyclopedia.

Somehow, a page (or several pages) need to cater for both these markets. Before going further, I would suggest you read the talk pages on En wiki as well as the main pages. And at least look at Pelargonium and Geranium (disambiguation).

Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:31, 5 December 2018 (UTC)

This is quite the debate that I've stumbled into. Given that additional information, I don't think I'm experienced enough to work on this article now. My current plan is to leave this article for now and work on other ones, with a focus on simplifying information alongside phrasing. Is there a time after which unedited articles in userspace are deleted? I do plan to return to Geranium at some point, but it might not be for a while. Diadophis (talk) 04:59, 7 December 2018 (UTC)
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