Vertical draft

small‐scale current of rising air

An updraft or downdrafts is the vertical movement of air as weather causes two forces to move.

Updrafts lead to the formation of clouds. Clouds that form in the air are called updrafts, known as converging air, are caused by the dew point. Warm water evaporates, then condenses, forming clouds.

From the dew point, the water can evaporate to gas, called water vapor. Visible or invisible gas rises to the air, forming these cotton candy-like white or gray clouds in the air.



Evaporation is caused by: 1. Solar energy 2. Kinetic energy



After the warm, moist air reaches the atmosphere, it transforms. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air reaches where the clouds are, the air cools down then becomes a cloud.

  1. Cirrus cloud
  2. Cumulus cloud
  3. Stratus cloud

Precipitation clouds

  1. Cumulonimbus cloud
  2. Nimbostratus cloud

Middle-altitude clouds

  1. Altocirrus cloud
  2. Altocumulus cloud
  3. Altostratus cloud

Dew point


Dew points depend on evaporation and the point that something freezes, might be the most important item, the dew point is affected on air humidity, the more moisture, the higher the dew point.