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Vice is a Canadian-American magazine. It was started by Suroosh Alvi, Gavin McInnes and Shane Smith in 1994 in Montreal, Canada as The Voice of Montreal. It was a magazine for alternative punk music and received government funding.[2][3] It is now an alternative media outlet which talks about lifestyle, the arts, culture, news and politics. When the editors later sought to get rid of their connections with the original publisher Alix Laurent, they bought him out and changed the name to Vice in 1996.[4]

Editor-in-chiefEllis Jones
Circulation900,000 (2013, worldwide)[1]
PublisherVice Media
FounderSuroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes
First issueOctober 1994; 29 years ago (1994-10) (as Voice of Montreal)
Based inNew York, New York, U.S.
OCLC number30856250

As of February 2018, the magazine's editor-in-chief is Ellis Jones[5][6] and former editor-in-chief for the UK, Alex Miller, was appointed to the position of global head of content.[7]



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