Vice President of Turkey

public office in Turkey

The Vice President of Turkey, is the second highest office holder in Turkey.

Vice President of Turkey
Fuat Oktay

since 10 July 2018
AppointerPresident of Turkey
Term lengthCoterminous with the president
Inaugural holderFuat Oktay
Formation9 July 2018

Turkeys new Vice Presidential office and Executive system was created when approved by vote it June 2018 and it abolished the office of the Prime Minister of Turkey.[1]

The current Vice President is Fuat Oktay who took office on 10 July 2018.[2][3][4]

List of Vice Presidents of Turkey (2018–present)Edit

Political Party

  Independent (1)

No. Name
Portrait Term of office Political party Previous Office
1 Fuat Oktay
10 July 2018 Incumbent Independent Undersecretary to Prime Minister of Turkey


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