Viva Pink

Line on the Viva bus rapid transit system

Viva Pink is a Viva bus rapid transit line in York Region, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is operated by Tok Transit under contract from the Region of York. Viva Pink runs on Yonge Street from Finch to Richmond Hill Centre and then turns east to run along Highway 7 towards Unionville GO Station. Service began on January 2, 2006, and the entire line offers service during peak times only.

There are 21 stations on the Viva Pink line. From southwest to northeast, the stations are:

Viva Pink
Name Opening Date City Major Connections
Finch Terminal January 2, 2006 Toronto  Finch station
Steeles Markham/Vaughan
Centre St.
Royal Orchard
Richmond Hill Centre Richmond Hill  

 Langstaff GO

Bayview Markham/Richmond Hill
Chalmers August 19, 2013
Valleymede January 2, 2006
West Beaver Creek
East Beaver Creek
Allstate Parkway Markham
Town Centre Blvd.
Cedarland December 28, 2014
Warden January 2, 2006
Post Road February 5, 2017
Enterprise January 2, 2006
Unionville Station  Unionville GO