CBS television station in Boston

WBZ-TV is a television station in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It is owned by CBS. It is received on channel 4 in eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire.

History change

WBZ-TV first went on the air on June 9, 1948. It is the oldest television station in Boston. It is also the oldest television station in the New England states. It was originally owned by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The station showed programs from the NBC network when it first went on the air. On January 2, 1995, WBZ-TV stopped showing NBC programs and started showing CBS programs. Before then, CBS programs aired on WHDH-TV, which now airs NBC programs. The reason Channel 4 switched networks is because Westinghouse Electric agreed to merge with CBS, and all Westinghouse channels became CBS stations.