Welsh Labour Party

part of the United Kingdom Labour Party that operates in Wales

Welsh Labour (Welsh: Llafur Cymru) is the branch of the United Kingdom Labour Party in Wales.

Welsh Labour

Llafur Cymru
LeaderMark Drakeford
Deputy LeaderCarolyn Harris
General SecretaryJo McIntyre
Headquarters1 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HA
Student wingWelsh Labour Students
Membership (2018)25,000[1] [needs update]
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationParty of European Socialists
International affiliationProgressive Alliance
Socialist International (observer)
UK Parliament affiliationLabour Party (UK)
Cooperate with but independent from the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Colours  Red
House of Commons
22 / 40
(Welsh seats)
30 / 60
Local government in Wales[5]
449 / 1,253
Police and Crime Commissioners
3 / 4


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