Social Democratic and Labour Party

social-democratic Irish nationalist political party in Northern Ireland

The Social Democratic and Labour Party or SDLP is a centre-left political party in Northern Ireland. Its policies promote social democracy and the idea that Northern Ireland should leave the United Kingdom and join with the Republic of Ireland. Its leader is Colum Eastwood and currently it has none of the Northern Ireland seats in the UK parliament, however it has 8 out of 90 seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly making it the 5th largest party in the assembly .

Social Democratic and Labour Party
Páirtí Sóisialta Daonlathach an Lucht Oibre
LeaderColum Eastwood MP
ChairmanJoe Byrne MLA
Youth wingSDLP Youth
Women's wingSDLP Women's Group
IdeologySocial democracy,[1]
United Ireland,[1]
Irish nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationParty of European Socialists
International affiliationSocialist International
ColoursGreen, Red, Yellow
Northern Irish seats in the House of Commons
2 / 18
Northern Ireland Assembly
7 / 90
Local government in Northern Ireland
59 / 462

The party rejected violence during the Troubles and was the most successful nationalist party during the 1980s and 1990s.