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Whang-od Oggay (born 17 February 1917)[4] is a Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines.[5]

Whang-od Oggay
Whang-od tattooing.jpg
Whang-od tattooing on June 30, 2016
Born (1917-02-17) 17 February 1917 (age 104)
Other namesMaria Oggay[1]
Alternate name spellings:
  • Whang Od
  • Wang Od
  • Wang Od
Known forThe oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines[2]
Kalinga's last mambabatok[3]

She is thought as the last mambabatok (traditional Kalinga tattooist) from the Butbut people in Buscalan Kalinga and the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines. She has been tattooing headhunters and women of the indigenous people of Butbut in Buscalan Kalinga for more than 80 years, but the Butbut warriors who used to earn tattoos through protecting villages or killing enemies no longer exist.

Instead, Whang-od now applies the traditional art form to tourists visiting Buscalan.


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