White Americans

people of the United States who are considered or consider themselves white

White Americans are Americans who have light-colored skin. Most Americans belong to this group.

White Americans
(Various ethnic groups)
White Americans by state
Total population
Increase243,832,540 (2018) broadest definition [1]
70% of the estimated total U.S. population
234,904,818 (2018) (one race)[1]
Regions with significant populations
All areas of the United States, less common in California and Hawaii
Majority languages:
Majority religion:
Minorities and other: [2]

In 2010, 70% of the people living in the United States identified as being white or White Hispanics. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for about 60% of the U.S. population.

The White American population includes European Americans and non-European people such as Arabs, North Africans, Jews, Persians, other Middle Eastern people and Hispanic groups such as Mexicans and Cubans.[3][4]

The white population in the United States has been declining. White deaths have exceed white births in most states.[5]

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