White Hispanic and Latino Americans

Latin Americans of full or partial European descent in the United States

In the United States, a white Hispanic[2] is an individual who self-identifies as white and of Hispanic descent and/or speaks the Spanish language natively. White Latino Americans are a broader category, including people of Brazilian descent, who mostly speak Portuguese, as well as Spanish-speaking populations.

White Hispanic and Latino Americans
Americanos hispanos y latinos blancos
Total population
Increase 26,735,713
53.0% of all Hispanic and Latino Americans
8.6% of total U.S. population
(2010, census)
Regions with significant populations
All areas of the United States
American English • American Spanish • Mexican Spanish • Portuguese • Spanglish • Nuyorican English • Miami English
Predominantly Christianity
(mostly Roman Catholic, sizeable Protestant)
Minority Atheism • Irreligion • Judaism and others
Related ethnic groups
White Latin Americans, White Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Spanish Americans, Portuguese Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans

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