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The Simple News

For this edition Pmlineditor interviewed Nifky?.

  1. Okay, so first, tell me about yourself and what you do?
    Hi, I am Nifky? and I'm from Australia... I joined Wikipedia in October 2008, and regularly can be seen onwiki and on IRC. I also edit Wikia with 'Nifky'.
  2. When did you first discover Wikipedia and how?
    I discovered Wikipedia a few years ago actually at school.. I tried to create an account but the page wouldn't ever load on the English Wikipedia. I haven't edited as an IP before (apart from the time I forgot to log in a RfA) but only until a bit over a year ago I 'discovered' you can edit and create an account.. that was my first time as an editor.
  3. What got you involved in editing Wikipedia? What things are you most involved in here?
    Don't really know actually, apart from the fact some interesting articles I like to know about are on the wiki.. I'm usually involved in WikiGnoming (fixing typos, layout, grammar and spelling), reverting vandals, contributing to some articles related to music and sometimes science. I usually create the odd article when I'm at it. I am (not really active) on DYK and PVGA/PGA while I feel like it.
  4. What is the best and worst thing about Wikipedia? What do you think needs changing to make it better?
    One of the best things about Wikipedia is that you can edit. It would be a bit hard for me to resist correcting a typo on a page and would be even worse if I couldn't even edit to start off with. :P One thing I find bad about Wikipedia are people that are clearly not helping, for example edit wars and drama on certain pages. I'm not sure about about a thing to change to make this project better but I would appreciate people not to pinpoint others when they do something another person doesn't agree with. I find that a bit annoying.
  5. Finally, have you ever thought of running for adminship?
    Yeah I have.. I've been not really committed in my first 8 months of editing on simple so my editcount is fairly low compared to others who joined later than me. Nevertheless, there will be a time when I feel I'm ready to assist the project further when I will run for adminship.
    I'm sure you'll make a good admin.
    • Thanks for the interview, Nifky?.

Join us next time for another interview! Pmlineditor  11:51, 28 February 2010 (UTC)