Hi, I am Pmlineditor (t · c · l). I am a former administrator and bureaucrat on this wiki. I have been an active editor in this wiki since May 2009. I work in writing and improving articles, as well as in anti-vandalism work and general cleanup (blocking vandals/deleting pages etc.). I have written or significantly contributed to several good and very good articles, and have successfully nominated over 50 Did you know hooks. Apart from that, I have helped in expanding stubs and reviewing nominations for good and very good articles.

I have an alternate account named Pmlineditor (alt), to use when I don't have access to my regular internet connection.

If you need help with anything here or have something to say about my edits, you can use my talk page.

Please do not use my talk page here for anything related to other wikis. If I am active in that wiki, use my talk page there; otherwise, use my Meta-Wiki talk page.


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