Wikipedia:Simple Stub Project

The Simple Stub Project is essentially a project to determine when a new stub type should be created. Initially, only very few stub types should be created for common topics such as writers, actors, bio's, etcetera. Only when a particular category has exceeded in maintaining an appropriate level of articles, will new stub types be created.

Articles should only temporarily sit in the category of {{stub}} for a brief period of time. Further categorization is needed to locate the stubs you prefer to expand. Locating these easily will be a benefit to this project.

New stubs

New stub types need to be addressed on the talk page before creating. Stub templates which have not been agreed on by the community may end up being deleted. If you want a new type created, please make sure that we have at least 1000 stubs to put into the category before posting. Stub templates are not created simply because they meet a numeric requirement. Other requirements include things like whether or not there is someone actively expanding articles in that topic area from stubs to full fledged articles. Ideally this would be you. As part of our mandate to be simple we try to keep our stub system as simple as possible and as generic as possible so the widest range of articles fit into them.


Stubs are only meant to stay in the category temporarily. This is where sorting comes in. When you spot an article that only has {{stub}} on it, but may be a biographical article, you can add {{bio-stub}} to it, and this will make it easier for editors to locate a stub article. Your edit summary can look like this:

  • Stub-sorting. [[Wikipedia:Simple Stub Project|You can help!]]

This will let others know what you are doing, and advertise our project, so that others may help.

While sorting stubs, if you notice something wrong with the article, try to fix it while sorting. Any problems such as an article needing a cat, image, infobox, commonscat (or sisterlinks), or even something as simple as bolding the first appearance of the subjects title in the intro.

Stub templates


  • {{Stub}} - for all stubs that can not fit into any stub we have
  • {{List-stub}} - for lists only (it redirects to {{Expand list}}, so only use list-stub for a very small list, and expand for a larger one you want more info added to; just like {{expand}})

Countries & Geography






The Arts

Multi-stub tagging

  • {{Multistub}} - use for articles that fall into multiple stubs.