Wikipedia:Student tutorial/page5

1. Welcome 2. Formatting text 3. Linking other pages 4. Talk pages 5. Important things 6. Be bold 7. You are done

Important things to remember

  • Be nice! If someone makes a change you don't like, leave a polite message on the article's talk page asking why.
  • Keep a neutral point of view (NPOV). This means that when you make changes try to consider other ways of looking at things, not just your own opinion.
  • Watch what you write. We are an encyclopedia, so articles must be about something important. See What Wikipedia Is Not for more of what you shouldn't write.
  • Be aware of copyright. Do not put material on Wikipedia that is copyrighted by somebody else. As most things on the Internet are copyrighted, do not just copy information from a web page. Use your own personal knowledge.