Wikipedia:Transwiki attribution

This page explains how to attribute articles you simplify and convert from another Wikimedia project.


  1. First, bring the article over. Admins and importers can move articles automatically with transwiki import. The transwiki import tool will take care of the attribution for you. All other users must move pages manually. For manual moves, see the instructions below. If you do not provide attribution to the source page, it will be deleted as a copyright infringement. Any user can request an import by an admin at the administrators' noticeboard.
  2. Then, you must simplify the article into Simple English or it will be deleted.

Instructions for moving articles manually

On the article talk page, provide a link to the last revision of the source article using an attribution template as shown in the following example.

For content translated from another Wikipedia project, use {{translated page}}. For example, if taken from the Spanish Wikipedia (es), use code like this:

  • {{translated page|es|Escepticismo filosófico|version=51708082}}

Locating permanent links

A permanent link to the current version of an article is normally available from the sidebar, under Tools-> Permanent link. Click on Permanent link and the URL at the top of the page will change to that of the permanent link.

You can also find it by going to the history page of the article on the other Wikipedia. Find the date and time of the version you used as a basis for the article here, and click on it.

The URL will end with a number that looks like this: oldid=123456789. That is the version number to use in the {{enwp based}} or {{translated page}} template.

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