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Very good articles in Wikipedia

This star represents the very good content on Wikipedia.
This star represents the very good content on Wikipedia.

Very good articles are the best articles in the Simple English Wikipedia, as chosen by Wikipedia's editors. Before being put here, articles are looked at (Wikipedia:Proposed very good articles) to make sure they are right, complete, show all sides of the story and have the correct style, according to our requirements for very good articles.

Currently, there are 26 very good articles, from of a total of 254,119 articles on Simple English Wikipedia. This is about one in &&&&&&&&&&&&9773.&&&&&09,773 articles listed here. If they do not seem to be very good anymore, you can suggest that they should be improved or removed, at Wikipedia:Proposed article demotion.

All very good articles come with a template {{vgood}}; this makes a star appear in the top right of the page. The star shows that the article is a very good article in the Simple English Wikipedia.

Very good articles

The newest item is at the top:

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  2. Fred Rogers
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  4. The Lightning Thief
  5. Commodore Nutt
  6. Mourning dove
  7. Le Spectre de la rose
  8. Saturn
  9. Dan Kelly
  10. 1910 Cuba hurricane