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Wikipediocracy is an Internet forum in English. It was founded in March 2012. It lets people who sign up talk about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.[2] It is like the Wikipedia Review, another website for talking about how people feel about Wikipedia and the organisations and people that run it.

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LaunchedMarch 16, 2012; 10 years ago (2012-03-16)
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Wikipediocracy was created by users of the website the Wikipedia Review in March 2012. It says it shows how Wikipedia works and that there are problems with Wikipedia. It says there is corruption at Wikipedia and also  that there are problems with the way it was built.[3] A reporter for The Daily Dot, which is an online newspaper, has written that Wikipediocracy exposes the bad side of Wikipedia.[4]

In 2013, users of the website gave personal information about "Qworty", a Wikipedia user, to a writer for Salon, an online newspaper. They revealed his offline identity, along with bad things he had been doing, and the writer published it on Salon.[2]


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