Utah based game development studio

WildWorks (formerly Smart Bomb Interactive) is an production mobile game was found on 2003, WildWorks has known launch Animal Jam Classic on September 9, 2010 and running another games like Animal Jam is Dash Tag, AJ Jump and more.


WildWorks also formely Smart Bomb Interactive was found on 2003, directed founded by John Herself Rohn and Romeo Rine, in 2007, WildWorks has launching from Smart Bomb Interactive mobile game.

In September 9, 2010. WildWorks was launch Animal Jam educational games, after that, WildWorks has released the four gameplay like Animal Jam is Dash Tag, AJ Jump and more games.


WildWorks headquarter in West Los Angeles

In January 23, 2007. WildWorks has since 8,000 dollar, Smart Bomb Interactive mobile game was announced they were be disabled, running for educational games, Animal Jam, which was released on September 9, 2010.

In September 11, 2010. WildWorks was announced Animal Jam player was launch for Windows and MacOS. In September 18, 2010. Smart Bomb Interactive formerly names was disabled, is renamed to WildWorks from Animal Jam website.

In October 5, 2010. WildWorks announced the Animal Jam gameplay was launch reach for Adobe Flash Player.

In late 2020, after Adobe Flash Player was ended support, Animal Jam was discontinued from browser, WildWorks announced Animal Jam gameplay has downloaded for PC app.