Wong Tai Sin Temple (Guangzhou)

Temple in Guangzhou

23°05′46″N 113°13′32″E / 23.096135°N 113.225668°E / 23.096135; 113.225668

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Guangzhou

Wong Tai Sin Temple (simplified Chinese: 黄大仙祠; traditional Chinese: 黃大仙祠; pinyin: Huáng dàxiān cí; Jyutping: wong4 daai6 sin5 zi2) is a Taoist temple in Huadi County, Fangcun District, Guangzhou. It is dedicated to the Chinese deity Wong Tai Sin. It is a major tourist attraction. This temple is very famous in the Pearl River Delta.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

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