person who uses written words to communicate ideas and to produce works of literature

A writer can mean anyone who makes a written work or who writes, but the word more usually means people who write creatively or as a job, or those who have written in many different forms.[1] Skilled writers demonstrate skills in using language to portray certain ideas and images, whether in fiction or non-fiction.

Types of writingEdit

Greeting card writer

This list is only a few examples of the many types of writing there are.

Types of writersEdit

Writers often specialize in one of the following categories:[2]

  • Novelist
  • Poet
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Columnist
  • Magazine writer
  • Head writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • Blog writer
  • A Business writer is someone who writes proposals and plans for a corporation, as well as reporting for writings on the stock market, financing, and other economic events. A type of writing used in a professional manner is known as business writing. It's a work of literature with a specific purpose that delivers important information to the reader in a simple, brief, and effective manner. [3]

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