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The X-wing is a starfighter from the Star Wars fictional universe. It is seen in the original trilogy movies and many books, games, toys, and other things. It is shown as a main starfighter for the Rebellion and later the New Republic.

Guarding the X-Wing

Creation change

The X-wing was first made for the movie Star Wars: A New Hope by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Joe Johnston drew and Colin Cantwell made models that became the final X-wing fighter in A New Hope.[1] ILM made miniatures in different sizes, with wing markings showing which prop was for each pilot.[1] Each X-wing model was built around a hollow core to hold parts for effects such as lighting.[2]

Besides the models, the crew made one full-size X-wing for scenes in the Rebels' Yavin IV base hangar; they used editing and cardboard cutouts to make it seem as if there are dozens of fighters.[1] The crew also made a full-size X-wing cockpit that was used for all actors; the astromech droid behind each actor was changed for each starfighter.[3]

Story change

According to Star Wars backstory, the X-wing was designed by Incom Corporation, who left the Empire and gave the X-wing design to the rebels. It is a one-man starfighter which also has a socket for a droid.

The starfighter has four laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers. Its four wings (called s-foils) can fold open or closed. It has four engines and can use hyperspace travel. It also has energy shields for defense.

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