Xpress: Platform 13

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Xpress is a steel launched roller coaster at Walibi Holland in The Netherlands. It opened in 2000 under the name Superman the Ride. However, Six Flags was planning to open it under the name Riddlers Revenge and the ride was painted green at the factory. Shortly before the coaster was built, the name was changed to Superman the Ride and was painted red and blue. Since 2005 the coaster is called Xpress. It is the first LSM coaster in Europe.[1]

Xpress: Platform 13
Previously known as Superman The Ride
Xpress: Platform 13
Walibi Holland
LocationWalibi Holland
Park sectionHollywood The Main Street
Coordinates52°26′21″N 5°45′50″E / 52.43917°N 5.76389°E / 52.43917; 5.76389Coordinates: 52°26′21″N 5°45′50″E / 52.43917°N 5.76389°E / 52.43917; 5.76389
Opening dateApril 2000
General statistics
TypeSteel – Launched
ModelLSM Launch
Lift/launch systemLSM
Height85 ft (26 m)
Length3,267 ft (996 m)
Speed55.9 mph (90.0 km/h)
Duration100 seconds
Capacity1200 riders per hour
Acceleration0 − 55.9 mph in 2.8 seconds
Height restriction47 in (119 cm)
Xpress: Platform 13 at RCDB
Pictures of Xpress: Platform 13 at RCDB
Xpress in new color scheme
Work in progress

The coaster had been standing but not operating for the whole season in 2011. The reason for this was because important parts of the launch mechanism were broken, which can cause that the train does not have enough speed at the end of the launch, or doesn't launch at all. These parts are ordered and are only made on request, as there are only 3 coasters of this type worldwide (2 of which are in Disney parks). Therefore, Walibi Holland decided to paint the track. As of 2012, the coaster operates again.



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