town in Yasothon province, Thailand

Yasothon is a town in the Isan region of Thailand. It is far from Bangkok about 500 km. In the village people grow rice and houseplants. The weather is very hot in the summer (more than other provinces) and the famous festival is Bang Fai Rocket Festival. This festival is really beautiful, every year the visitor from all over the country come to visit this festival.[1] The festival features large home-made rockets, fireworks displays, parades and beauty contests. Normally people have created the rockets for launched in to the sky; they believe that the god will send the planting season.

Yasothon Municipal Hall
Yasothon Municipal Hall
Mueang Yot Nakorn (Proud Capital City)
Coordinates: 15°47′50″N 104°08′35″E / 15.79722°N 104.14306°E / 15.79722; 104.14306Coordinates: 15°47′50″N 104°08′35″E / 15.79722°N 104.14306°E / 15.79722; 104.14306
ProvinceYasothon Province
Districts of ThailandAmphoe Mueang Yasothon
Incorporated (town)1814
Incorporated (city) 19721972
 • Total21,134
Postal Code
Thai highway [2169]

From Yasothon city of nearby province are Mukdahan, Nakhonpanom, Rio Et, Sisakat and Ubom Ratchathani.

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