Yi Gi

Korean philosopher (1476-1552)

Yi Gi (Korean: 이기, hanja:李芑, October 26, 1476 – April 28, 1552) was a Neo-Confucian scholar, politician, and writer of the Korean Joseon Dynasty. His other name was Gyungjae (경재, 敬齋), and his Chinese style name was Munjung (문중, 文仲). He came from the Deoksu Lee clan (Hangul: 덕수이씨, Hanja: 德水李氏).

nephew of Seong Dam su (성담수) and Seong Dam-nyun (성담년). One of the members of Saengyukshin (생육신), and first cousin once removed of Seong Sam-mun (성삼문). He was one of the members of Sayukshin. He was grand uncle of Yulgok Yi I (율곡 이이). Prime minister of Joseon Dynastys 1549 to 1551.[source?]

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