Yun Hyu

Joseon scholar (1617-1680)

Yun Hyu (Korean:윤휴, 尹鑴, October 14, 1617–May 20, 1680) was a Neo-Confucian scholar, politician, and soldier during the Korean Joseon Dynasty. His other names were Baegho (백호, 白湖) and Haheon (하헌, 夏軒). His Chinese style names were Du'goe (두괴, 斗魁) and Huijung (희중, 希仲). He was a middle-ranking member of the North Man party.

Yun Hyu


  • Baekhojunseo (백호전서, 白湖全書)
  • Baekhodokseogi (백호독서기, 白湖讀書記)
  • Juryeseol (주례설, 周禮說)
  • Hongbeomseol (홍범설, 洪範說)
  • Jungyongdaehakhuseol (중용대학후설, 中庸大學後說)
  • Jungyongseol (중용설, 中庸說)
  • Baekhojip (백호집, 白湖集)

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