Zlata's Diary

book by Zlata Filipović

Zlata's Diary was a diary by Bosnia and Herzegovina's Zlata Filipovic. It was written between 1991 and 1993 about her life at the time. It was mostly about the Bosnian war that erupted near her in Sarajevo. She starts the fifth grade in the beginning of 1991 and she reunites her friends and her family.

Zlata's Diary is about a girl that lived through the Bosnian war. She kept a diary that she called Mimmy. Her entries were always, "Dear Mimmy" and she'd end with, "Your Zlata".

Zlata was known as the Anne Frank of Bosnia. The book tells you about her difficult childhood that was stolen away from her as a child. She learned to handle deaths and tragedies throughout the young years of her life. This book is good for children as they can understand the hardships faced by children living in countries in war.