Zulfiqer Russell

Bangladeshi musician, Journalist

Zulfiqer Russell (Bengali: জুলফিকার রাসেল) (born November 13, 1977) is the editor of Bangla Tribune and a lyricist of Bangladesh. He is a journalist by profession. He earned Citycell-Channel I Music Award in 2008, 2010 and 2013.[1] He has received Mirchi Music Awards (Bangla) award for Best Modern Bengali song. This is the first time a Bangladeshi lyricist has won this awards.[source?] He received the award for the song, titled “Shabuj Chilo” which includes vocals by Nachiketa Chakraborty.[2]

Zulfiqer Russell
Background information
Birth nameZulfiqer Russell
Born (1977-11-13) November 13, 1977 (age 46)
Occupation(s)Songwriter, poet, journalist

Career change

Zulfiqer Russell used to write for The Daily Ittefaq, The Daily Janakantha and many other publications from an early age. The words of a song by Mohammad Rafiquzzaman, from the movie Shuvoda, made him realise these words were not written by him. After a while, he started writing himself, but gradually realised that writing a song isn’t as easy as it sounds. Moni Zaman from the band Symphony, worked with his song for the very first time that was voiced by Tuhin. Interestingly enough, it was never released. As a lyricist actually began when working with Bappa Mazumder.

Field of work change

Zulfiqer Russell is a professional journalist. Presently he is The Editor of popular news online Bangla Tribune. [3] Previously he worked for Maasranga Television and Bangla newspapers Daily Amader Shomoy, Ajker Kagoj and Banglabazar Patrika. He is also extensively involved and earned reputation and popularity as a lyricist. He is also well known for his lyrics in West Bengal, India. [4] Russell has written the official welcome song "O Prithibi Ebar Eshe Bangladesh Nao chiney" of ICC world cup cricket 2011 held in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.[5][6] His movie The Distant Sky (আকাশ কত দূরে) was selected for national film grants by the Bangladeshi government in 2010. He has written more than 1000 songs since 1996. Many eminent and popular singers have sung songs written by him. Russell is also a poet. His first publication is 'Kofine Ojoggo Purush'.

Albums change

Released Album Artist Tune Music Production Company
September, 2016 Amar Ichchhe Kothay Imran & Palak Muchhal Imran Mahmudul Imran Mahmudul Soundtek
July, 2015 Ekta Bondhu Chai Samina Chowdhury & Raghab Raghab Chatterjee Indrajit Dey & Tamal Chakrabarty Laser Vision
February, 2015 Neel Jhinuker Kham Fahmida Nabi & Rupankar Bagchi Rupankar Bagchi Indrajit Dey Laser Vision
August, 2014 Benche Thakar Jonne Rupankar Bagchi Rupankar Bagchi Indrajit Dey Girona Bangladesh
July, 2014 Aaj Ki Brishti Hobe Tina Raghab Chatterjee, Ibrar Tipu & Belal Khan Indrajit Dey & Tamal Chakrabarty Laser Vision
Bari Ferar Tara Raghab Chatterjee Raghab Chatterjee Indrajit Dey & Tamal Chakrabarty
Aaraley Kanakchapa Naquib Khan, Moinul Islam Khan & Pilu Khan Tamal Chakrabarty
October, 2013 Cholo Baanchi, Benche Thakar Moto, Type: Soft Melody Samina Chowdhury Naquib Khan, Pilu Khan, Rupankar & Raghab Indrajit Dey & Tamal Chakrabarty
July, 2013 Ichchhe Hoy Fahmida Nabi Naquib Khan & Pilu Khan Tamal Chakrabarty
August, 2012 Poroshpor-2 Samina Chowdhury, Kumar Bishwajit, Sonu Nigam (India) & Javed Ali (India) Joy Sarker, Pilu Khan & Rupankar Joy Sarker & Indrajit Dey Agniveena & G Series
July, 2012 Akash Debo Kaakey Tareen, Tapan Chowdhury, Raghab, Rupankar & Ibrar Tipu Joy Sarker, Bappa Mazumder, Rupankar, Ibrar Tipu & Belal Khan Joy Sarker, Indrajit Dey, Bappa Mazumder, Ibrar Tipu & Mushfiq Litu
August, 2010 Poroshpor Samina Chowdhury, Fahmida Nabi, Bappa Mazumder & Rupankar Bappa Mazumder Bappa Mazumder
February, 2010 Ek Mutho Gaan Bappa Mazumder & Fahmida Nabi Bappa Mazumder Bappa Mazumder
September, 2009 Phoring Fahmida Nabi, Bappa Mazumder, Mahadi & Bishwajit Bappa Mazumder Bappa Mazumder
September, 2008 Kheyal Bappa, S I Tutul & Arnob
April, 2008 Bhango Moner Dana Bappa Mazumder, Jewel & Indranil Sen (India)
September, 2007 Abar Pothe Dekha Anjan Dutt (India), Bappa Mazumder & S I Tutul
January, 2006 Aanchor Fahmida Nabi, Shakila Zafar, Jewel, Tipu, Bappa Mazumder & S I Tutul
April, 2005 Ichchhe Korei Ekshathey Anjan Dutt (India) & Bappa Mazumder
February, 2005 Swapnorani Asif & Kaniz Suborna
May, 2004 Du' Poshla Brishti Indranil Sen (India) & Bappa Mazumder
February, 2004 Chhelemanushi Asif, Agoon & Bappa
2003 Firti Pothey Jewel
2002 Aaj Brishti Namuk Baby Naznin, Fahmida Nabi, Shampa Reza, Jewel, Biplob, Bappa, Asif, Pancham, Amitav Kaisar
February, 2002 Apekhkhay Theko Kumar Bishwajit, Baby Naznin, Samina Chowdhury, Kanakchapa, Shampa Reza, Jewel, Bappa Mazumder, Asif & Kaniz Suborna
2001 Ekoi Shohore Bappa Mazumder & Jewel

Awards change

Year Award Category Outcome
2017 Mirchi Music Awards Bangla Best Modern Bangla song Won
2013 Citycell-Channel i Music Awards Best Lyricist Won
2010 Won
2009 Dhaka Cultural Reporters Unity Won
2008 Bangladesh Cultural Reporters Association Won
Citycell-Channel i Music Awards Won
2005 Fizz-up CJFB Performance Award Nominated

Family change

His spouse Worda Ahmed is a fashion designer. They have a daughter, Parisa Russell.

Movies change

  • Akash Koto Durey, 2013, Directed by Samia Zaman

References change

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