logogram representing the conjunction word "and"
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The ampersand (&), also referred to as the and sign, is a logogram (a diagram standing for a word).

∧, ۽, ⅋, &, et, 🙰, 🙱, 🙲, 🙳, 🙴, 🙵, Ɛ̸,
Variations of the Ampersand in different fonts.
Writing systemLatin script
and Ideographic
Language of originLatin language
Unicode valueU+0026
Alphabetical position(27)
Time period~100 to present
Descendants • ⅋
SistersϏ/ϗ (ligature of κ, α and ι in a similar fashion to &)
Transliteration equivalents+
Variations∧, ۽, ⅋, &, et, 🙰, 🙱, 🙲, 🙳, 🙴, 🙵, Ɛ̸,
Other letters commonly used with&C (etC)

It represents the Latin conjunction et, which means and. The ampersand symbol is not only a logogram, but also a ligature. It joins the old handwritten Latin letters e and t of the word et, so that the word is represented as a single glyph.[1]

With a c added on it means "et cetera", "and so on".

In everyday writing, the ampersand is sometimes written like a reversed 3 with a vertical line through it.[2]

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