1923 Great Kantō earthquake

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The Great Kantō earthquake (関東大震災, Kantō daishinsai) was a Japanese natural disaster in the Kantō region of the island of Honshū.[11] The earthquake struck at 11:58:44 am JST (2:58:44 UTC) on Saturday, September 1, 1923. It lasted between 4 and 10 minutes.[12]

1923 Great Kantō earthquake
1923 Great Kantō earthquake is located in Japan
1923 Great Kantō earthquake
UTC time1923-09-01 02:58:35
ISC event911526
Local dateSeptember 1, 1923 (1923-09-01)
Local time11:58:32 JST (UTC+09:00)
Duration48 s[1] 4 min[2]
Magnitude7.9[3] 8.0[4] 8.2[5] Mw
Depth23 km (14 mi)
Epicenter35°19.6′N 139°8.3′E / 35.3267°N 139.1383°E / 35.3267; 139.1383[6]
Areas affectedJapan
Max. intensityXI (Extreme)
TsunamiUp to 12 m (39 ft)
in Atami, Shizuoka, Tōkai[7]
Aftershocks6 of 7.0 M or higher[8]
Casualties105,385[9]–142,800[10] deaths

This earthquake destroyed Tokyo, the port city of Yokohama, surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka. It caused widespread damage.[13] About 140,000 people died.

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