1924 United States presidential election

35th quadrennial U.S. presidential election

The 1924 United States presidential election occurred on November 4, 1924. It was the 35th election in the history of the United States. The election was won by incumbent President Calvin Coolidge, who had been president since the death of Warren G. Harding in 1923.

1924 United States presidential election

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531 members of the Electoral College
266 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout48.9%[1] Decrease 0.3 pp
Nominee Calvin Coolidge John W. Davis Robert M. La Follette
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state Massachusetts West Virginia Wisconsin
Running mate Charles G. Dawes Charles W. Bryan Burton K. Wheeler
Electoral vote 382 136 13
States carried 35 12 1
Popular vote 15,723,789 8,386,242 4,831,706
Percentage 54.0% 28.8% 16.6%

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Coolidge/Dawes, blue denotes those won by Davis/Bryan, green denotes Wisconsin, the state won by La Follette/Wheeler. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.

President before election

Calvin Coolidge

Elected President

Calvin Coolidge

Robert M. La Follette, the losing candidate from the Progressive Party, would be the last major third-party candidate in a presidential election as well as the last candidate from neither the Republicans nor Democrats to secure any electoral votes until George C. Wallace in 1968



Republican Party


Democratic Party

  • John W. Davis, former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1918-1921) (nominee)
  • William Gibbs McAdoo, former Secretary of the Treasury (1913-1918)
  • Al Smith, Governor of New York (1919-1920; 1923-1928)
  • Oscar Underwood, Senator of Alabama (1915-1927)


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