1988 French presidential election

1988 presidential election in France

Presidential elections happened in France on 24 April and 8 May 1988.

1988 French presidential election

← 1981 24 April 1988 (first round)
8 May 1988 (second round)
1995 →
  President Mitterand bij slotzitting Europa Congres Mitterand, kop, Bestanddeelnr 934-2444 (portrait crop).jpg Jacques Chirac 1990 (crop).jpg
Candidate François Mitterrand Jacques Chirac
Party Socialist Party (France) Rally for the Republic
Popular vote 16,704,279 14,218,970
Percentage 54.0% 46.0%

Présidentielle 1988 (second tour).svg
Results of the second round by department

Mitterrand:      50–55%      55–60%      >60%

Chirac:      >50%

President before election

François Mitterrand
Socialist Party (France)

Elected President

François Mitterrand
Socialist Party (France)

In 1981, the Socialist Party leader, François Mitterrand, was elected President of France and the Left won the legislative election.

However, in 1986, the right regained a parliamentary majority.

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