1995 French presidential election

1995 presidential election in France

Presidential elections in France to elect the fifth president of the French Fifth Republic happened on 23 April and 7 May 1995.

1995 French presidential election

← 1988 23 April 1995 (first round)
7 May 1995 (second round)
2002 →
  Jacques Chirac (1997) (cropped).jpg Salon du livre 1991-41-cliche Lionel Jospin.jpg
Nominee Jacques Chirac Lionel Jospin
Party Rally for the Republic Socialist Party (France)
Popular vote 15,763,027 14,180,644
Percentage 52.6% 47.4%

Présidentielle 1995 (second tour).svg
Results of the second round by department

President before election

François Mitterrand
Socialist Party (France)

Elected President

Jacques Chirac
Rally for the Republic

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