2006 Portuguese presidential election

The 2006 Portuguese presidential election was held on 22 January to elect a new president to succeed Jorge Sampaio, who was term-limited. Aníbal Cavaco Silva of the Social Democratic Party candidate, the former Prime Minister, won 50.54 percent of the vote in the first round.[1] It was the first time a right-wing candidate was elected President since the 1974 Carnation Revolution.

2006 Portuguese presidential election

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Opinion polls
Turnout61.5% Increase 11.8 pp
  Cavaco Silva 2007 quadrada.jpg Manuel Alegre square.png Mário Soares (2003) square.jpg
Candidate Aníbal Cavaco Silva Manuel Alegre Mário Soares
Party PSD Independent PS
Popular vote 2,773,431 1,138,297 785,355
Percentage 50.5% 20.7% 14.3%

  Jerónimo de Sousa.jpg Francisco Louçã na VI Convenção Nacional do Bloco de Esquerda 01-square.jpg
Candidate Jerónimo de Sousa Francisco Louçã
Party PCP BE
Popular vote 474,083 292,198
Percentage 8.6% 5.3%

President before election

Jorge Sampaio

Elected President

Aníbal Cavaco Silva


e • d  Summary of the 22 January 2006 Portuguese presidential election results
Candidates Supporting parties First round
Votes %
Aníbal Cavaco Silva Social Democratic Party, People's Party 2,773,431 50.54
Manuel Alegre Independent 1,138,297 20.74
Mário Soares Socialist Party 785,355 14.31
Jerónimo de Sousa Portuguese Communist Party, Ecologist Party "The Greens" 474,083 8.64
Francisco Louçã Left Bloc 292,198 5.32
António Garcia Pereira Portuguese Workers' Communist Party 23,983 0.44
Total valid 5,487,347 100.00
Blank ballots 59,636 1.07
Invalid ballots 43,149 0.77
Total 5,590,132
Registered voters/turnout 9,085,339 61.53
Source: Comissão Nacional de Eleições Archived 2012-08-21 at the Wayback Machine


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