2007 French presidential election

2007 presidential election in France

The 2007 French presidential election was a presidential election in France that took place on 21–22 April and 5–6 May 2007. The incumbent president, Jacques Chirac, decided not to run for a third term.[1]

The main candidates were Arlette Laguiller from Lutte Ouvrière, Nicolas Sarkozy from the Union for a Popular Movement, Ségolène Royal from the Socialist Party, François Bayrou from the Union for French Democracy, Jean-Marie Le Pen from the National Front, Olivier Besancenot from the Revolutionary Communist League, Philippe de Villiers from the Movement for France, Marie-George Buffet from the French Communist Party, Dominique Voynet from The Greens, José Bové, Frédéric Nihous from Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition and Gérard Schivardi from the Workers' Party.

On 22 April 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy won 31.2% of the vote and Ségolène Royal winning 25.9% of the vote. Both candidates advanced to the second round of the election, which Nicolas Sarkozy later won with 53.1% of the vote.


First-round results by department
  Nicolas Sarkozy
  Ségolène Royal
  François Bayrou
Second-round results by department
  Nicolas Sarkozy
  Ségolène Royal
First round
22 April 2007
Second round
6 May 2007
Candidate Votes % Votes %
Nicolas Sarkozy 11,448,663 31.18% 18,983,138 53.06%
Ségolène Royal 9,500,112 25.87% 16,790,440 46.94%
François Bayrou 6,820,119 18.57%
Jean-Marie Le Pen 3,834,530 10.44%
Olivier Besancenot 1,498,581 4.08%
Philippe de Villiers 818,407 2.23%
Marie-George Buffet 707,268 1.93%
Dominique Voynet 576,666 1.57%
Arlette Laguiller 487,857 1.33%
José Bové 483,008 1.32%
Frédéric Nihous 420,645 1.15%
Gérard Schivardi 123,540 0.34%
Total votes 36,719,396 100% 35,773,578 100%


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