2022 Peruvian protests

series of demonstrations in Peru to denounce inflation and to protest against President Pedro Castillo's government

The 2022 Peruvian protests are protests across Peru. They are against the country's rising inflation and disapproval of President Pedro Castillo.

2022 Peruvian protests
Protestas contra Pedro Castillo en 2022.png
Date29 March 2022 (2022-03-29) – present
Caused by
  • Fuel price controls
  • Removal of President Castillo
Parties to the civil conflict

Union of Multimodal Transport Guilds of Peru (UGTRANM)

Right-wing groups
Lead figures
Geovani Rafael Diez Villegas

The protests, organized by the leader of the Union of Multimodal Transport Guilds of Peru (UGTRANM) Geovani Rafael Diez Villegas.

Inflation has been rising due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Protests began days after an effort to impeach President Castillo failed on 29 March 2022. After rioting on 4 April 2022, President Castillo declared a state of emergency and enforced an all-day curfew on the capital city of Lima for 5 April.[1]


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