2024 Taiwan presidential election

presidential election in Taiwan

The 16th President and Vice President election of the Republic of China (Chinese: 中華民國第十六屆總統、副總統選舉) took place on Taiwan on 13 January 2024. [1][2] Voters elected the President and Vice President.

2024 Taiwanese presidential election

← 2020 13 January 2024 (2024-01-13) 2028 →
Registered19,548,531 (Increase237,426)
Turnout71.86% (Decrease3.04%)
Nominee William Lai Hou Yu-ih Ko Wen-je
Running mate Hsiao Bi-khim Jaw Shaw-kong Cynthia Wu
Popular vote 5,586,019 4,671,021 3,690,466
Percentage 40.05% 33.49% 26.46%

Leading candidates and vote share by administrative division

President before election

Tsai Ing-wen

Elected President

William Lai

There are three groups of nominees in this election. According to their registration numbers, they are Party Chairman Ko Wen-je(Chinese: 柯文哲) and non-district legislator(Chinese: 不分區立委) Cynthia Wu/Wu Hsin-ying(Chinese: 吳欣盈 ) (commonly known as "Ko-Wu Mates(柯吳配)" or "Ko-Ying Mates(柯盈配)") recommended by the Taiwan People's Party(TPP), and Vice President and Party Chairman William Lai/Lai Ching-te(Chinese: 賴清德 ) and former Representative to the United States Hsiao Bi-khim(Chinese: 蕭美琴) (commonly known as "Lai-Hsiao Mates(賴蕭配)" or "Bi-Te Mates('Viture Mates')(美德配)") recommended by the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), as well as Mayor of New Taipei City Hou Yu-ih(Chinese: 侯友宜) and Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairman Jaw Shaw-kong(Chinese: 趙少康) (commonly known as "Hou-Jaw Mates(侯趙配)"or "Hou-Kong Mates(侯康配)" ) recommended by the Chinese Kuomintang(KMT).

William Lai finally won the presidential election as Vice President. This election set a lot of historical records. It was the first presidential election since 2000 in which no nominee received more than half of the votes. It was also the first time since direct elections that a nominne from the same political party was elected for the third time continuously, breaking the previous precedent of political parties rotating every eight years.

the map of how each region in Taiwan voted in this election

Candidates change

Democratic Progressive Party change

Nominees change

2024 Democratic Progressive ticket
William Lai Hsiao Bi-khim
for President for Vice President
Vice President of the Republic of China
Representative of the Republic of China in the United States

Kuomintang change

Nominees change

2024 Kuomintang ticket
Hou Yu-ih Jaw Shaw-kong
for President for Vice President
Mayor of New Taipei
Member of the Taipei City Council
(1982 – 1986)

Taiwan People's Party change

Nominees change

2024 Taiwan People's ticket
Ko Wen-je Cynthia Wu
for President for Vice President
Mayor of Taipei
Member of the Legislative Yuan

Other parties and independents change

Withdrawn candidates change

2024 independent politician ticket
Terry Gou Lai Pei-hsia
for President for Vice President
Founder and CEO of Foxconn
Actor, singer, writer

Terry Gou, founder and CEO of Foxconn, and artist Lai Pei-hsia officially launched a citizen petition on September 17, 2023, as independent nominees for president and vice president, and passed the signature threshold on November 14 to obtain the qualifications to register for the election. However, On the 24th of the same month, they jointly announced their withdrawal from the candidacy. They were the first group of co-signatories to pass the co-signatory threshold but not register to run since the Republic of China switched to direct citizen election for the president.

Polling change

Opinion pollings of the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election between William Lai, Hou Yu-ih and Ko Wen-je.

References change

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